Edward Colton Technical Services

Offering a full line of home and business computer and web development services.

Home Services

Assistance is available for all common issues, including virus and malware cleanup, software installation, network configuration, and backups.


Business Services

With over 15 years of experience with Microsoft based networks, including Sql Server Database and MS Exchange Email servers, we can assist you whether you have five users or one hundred. Do you need a backup solution? In addition to the traditional on site backup systems, which require an extensive investment in hardware, newer online and hybrid backup systems are available, requiring much less of an initial investment


Web Services

Whether you want help setting up a basic website, desire hosting on a dedicated server, or need some backend coding for site management using Microsoft based technology, we can help you with all of your needs


Cloud Services

You may have heard of Cloud Technology. It can fill a variety of needs,from file storage, to backups, all the way to running dedicated servers attached to your network, with the advantage of an improved cash flow instead of a single initial investment for both hardware and software. We have experience with both Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure systems.